About Me

After relying on a friend to take pictures during my first trip to England, I took up photography as a hobby in Oct. 2005. My gear has evolved over the years, from my first Sony point-and-shoot 5MP camera, through 2 subsequent dSLR's to my current full-frame Canon 6D dSLR. I am particularly drawn to architecture as a subject as well as strong design elements and patterns, plus macro and close-up photography. I try to capture imagery that reflects what I see around me that grabs my eye or stops me in my tracks; I primarily shoot using only available light, and hopefully capture a moment in a unique or beautiful way.

I live in Northern Virginia and help satisfy my love of architecture by serving as a volunteer guide at the Washington National Cathedral, which provides endless subject matter. The damages inflicted by the August 2011 earthquake are staggering---many years of repair work and some 19 million dollars yet to be raised (via private donations) are required. Please consider supporting this important effort.

I've been fortunate to be able to participate in several projects using my images:

** "Beauty in the Shadows" by blacksmith Nol Putnam. Published by Blue Moon Press, this lovely 'coffee table book' is devoted to the marvelous ironwork of Washington National Cathedral and features seven dozen of my images,

** A handful of images featured in two of the BetterPhoto Guide instruction books, "Creative Photography" and "Light",

** The book cover for Jeff Sypeck's "Looking Up" book of poetry,

** The 2014 wall calendar and other printed public materials produced by the Cathedral, including the official Guide Book,

** The cathedral's gift shop, as well as Ford's Theater gift shop, both sell a selection of gift and souvenir merchandise featuring my imagery; merchandise sales benefit each institution.

I invite your comments or questions on my imagery, or about photography in general, and always enjoy meeting, talking with and learning from others who share a love for this art. ~Chris (06/19)