Architecture, travel, macros, strong visual elements... these are my favorites!
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© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 4084234: Glimpse the Past Cyprus        slide show
Site of my sister Heather's wedding.

© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 3949157: When in Durham... England        slide show
Rule, Britannia! Images from a few visits over the years.

© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 13053451: Iceland 2012 Iceland        slide show
Perhaps the most astonishing place ever! 10 days in 2012 for my sister Kathleen's wedding, and 6 winter days in 2016; possibly another visit in 2017 or 2018...

© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 14604669: Italy Icon Italy 1 - Florence        slide show
Images from my first visit to Florence (and briefly, Milan) and later, a brief overnight in Rome.

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© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 15333792: San Giorgio Italy 2 - Venice        slide show
Images from a weeklong workshop in Venice for Carnevale 2017!

© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 8681831: Imperial Eagle Russia        slide show
St. Petersburg; a marvelous week in "The Venice of the North"

© Christopher  Budny PhotoID# 14951041: Spain icon Spain - Barcelona        slide show
A wonderful week in Barcelona... (starting with an overnight in Rome, en route -- See Italy Album)


© Christopher Budny

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